Serpentine Bracelet

Serpentine Bracelet

Carefully handcrafted in brass and 925 sterling silver for the stone setting, has a wonderful round Serpentine stone in the center with a really unique black marble surface.

This jewel has that handmade look yet sophisticate and precise, minimal and timeless made with artistry, so perfectly finished which will make you look absolutely wonderful and unique.

Serpentine is a gem rock mineral with wide diversity in color and character, from grey, brown to black and small inclusions of creamy white.
It can have different cracks showing multicolor natural patterns.

This make that every bracelet from this collection is a one off kind,  very unique, since every gemstone color is naturally unrepeatable.
A piece of the cosmos bringing you the best energies ever!

Please note that each stone is unique and natural differences from photo will occur.
Nickel Free
Ethically handcrafted in Sweden.
Size: S M L
Other sizes available under request.

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475 SEK