Minimal Mint Green Marble | Gold plated Necklace

Minimal Mint Green Marble | Gold plated Necklace

Minimal Mint Green Marble Necklace is made using a gold plated chain and brass. The focus in this necklace is on  the beautiful Mint Green Grosularite gemstone, a natural gem that has a extraordinary soft green with tiny black dots.
Gems are conceive in the fiery bowel of earth, they are born in midst of sudden eruptions after millions of years. Grosularite is a gem rock mineral with a natural diversity in color and character, from  creamy green to a bit darker areas.  It can be dotted, spotted and it has a slippery surface in a very minimal cylindrical shape - like surface.
This make that every necklace from collection 01 is a one -off  very unique, since every gemstone color is naturally unrepeatable. A piece of the cosmos bringing you the best energies ever!

This Necklace is exclusively sold at our Online Store and at DesignTorget in Sweden.

Please note that each stone is unique and natural differences from photo will occur.

Nickel Free
Ethically handcrafted in Sweden.
Leght: 30 cm

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