Cat Earrings

Cat Earrings

Katt earrings are carefully hand crafted in 925 Sterling Silver with a handcrafted beautiful backside, plenty of details which evoques the beauty of old delicate embroideries. The fine jewellery details of the Omega closure system is perfect for a better fit. This master jewel has that handmade look yet sophisticate, made with the artistry of a master, so perfectly finished which will make you look absolutely wonderful and unique!
"An atemporal piece of jewellery, that will pass for generations"...

Size 4 x 22 x 26 mm each earring. 

Limited Edition 1/1
Certificated by the Jewellery Artist Carolina Gimeno.
Nickel Free.
Ethically handcrafted in Sweden.
Size 4 x 22 x 26 mm each earring.

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TALVIKKI Jewellery is Handmade with great precision, precious honesty, craftsmanship, style, love and commitment.
2850 SEK