Talvikki Stockholm
is about timeless and modern designs combining simplicity with craftsmanship while maintaining what is subtile.

The idea of the label was born in winter 2015 in the nordic hemisphere, as a jewellery and accessory brand that offers affordable yet exclusive jewellery designs with a true scandinavian aesthetic and in limited editions using the concept of capsule collections.

Talvikki Stockholm look for present beautiful well made jewellery designs and accessories that stand by its quality and pureness in design, targeted to an audience that is sophisticated and that is looking for ethical alternatives for their consumption choices, offering honesty in the price tag and production process.

Talvikki Stockholm is fully designed and ethically hand produced in Sweden. All the designs are hand crafted one at a time, produced in full respect of the environment impact, using recycled metal alloys, alternative to chemical substances, and aiming to find fair trade sources for raw materials.

Discover more about the Label at the official website:  www.talvikkistockholm.com 

General Inquiries: 
+46 (0) 708 713 417

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